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Our mission is to help you achieve health goals and live a better life. 

We are a group of experienced Allied Health Professionals; led by Dr. Jerome Dixon BAppSc (Chiro) BSc (Biochem) Editor

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Best practice outcomes via an open minded, comprehensive approach to care.
Evidence based and logical: Professional, Reliable, Gentle and Confident.
Considering the full range of expertise and providing a comprehensive solution, much more than just an appointment.

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Evidence Based Practice

Dr Jerome Dixon​


Dr Jerome Dixon​

Jerome’s goal is to help relieve discomfort, address the root causes of your musculoskeletal and health issues. Contact: 0417226678
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Dr Bianca Kho

Associate Chiropractor 0405722220

Dr Bianca Kho

Dr. Bianca Kho is graduate in Chiropractic Science and Health Science. Contact: 0405722220
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Lotta Lennartson


Lotta Lennartson

Lotta Lennartsson has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science & Nutrition) and a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics and has worked in private and public dietetics services since 2007.

Rabia Shahid


Rabia Shahid

Rabia Shahid is an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney and an experienced change catalyst of cultural transformation in organisational growth.

Our Partners

We strive to work with you to move well and feel well

Expert Gentle Chiropractic Care in St Kilda

At St Kilda Chiropractic, our goal is to help relieve discomfort, identify the potential cause of a patient’s health concern, and apply treatment that allows the body to rehabilitate with long-term results.

Find out more about St Kilda Chiropractor

Balwyn Chiropractor Offers Complementary Postural Assessments

At Balwyn Chiropractic we offer Complementary Postural Assessments. Let us provide you with an expert assessment and opinion.

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Headache and Migraine Relief to Restore Your Health & Get Back Your Life

Up to 95% of our patients have benefited from our recommendations, treatment suggestions or just simple tips and advice.

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Lacking Motivation? Making Excuses?

You deserve to look and feel your best, not just for now but for the years and decades to come. Having me as your Feel Good Coach is a great way to get over the excuses and get into action. Let’s do this!

Find out more about Feel Good Coach

Clinical Nutrition, Coaching and Facilitation

Improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and organisations, through tailored health and wellbeing packages, clinical nutrition, personalised health coaching, informative wellbeing workshops and wellness retreats.

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Acupuncture and Holistic Health

Traditionally, Acupuncture treats a range of ailments and imbalances. Do you need to feel better from unwanted signs and symptoms you experience? Yes, it’s possible to feel good again and reach your full potential.
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We aim to help people to regain great health and function to perform at their best.

First Stage of Care explained by an expert in Chiropractic Care Dr. Jerome Dixon

Dr. Jerome Dixon explains that there are three types of care. First phase of care is acute care, that is when patients come in when they are in pain, just they have just strained or injured themselves or woken up with some rapid onset pain that is where we help patients in the first stage of care. We can reduce pain fairly quickly because the pain is of tightness or inflammation and that responds quickly to treatments.

Second Stage of Care explained by an expert in Chiropractic Care, Dr. Jerome Dixon

The second phase of care is the rehabilitative phase of care, where we are trying to help the patient to improve function, improve muscular support and we are trying improve joint range of motion so that they are less likely to relapse and less likely to get another episode of acute pain. Rehabilitation phase of care can sometimes take longer especially the problem is long standing for months and years. The problem does not resolve in one or two treatments it does need rehabilitation. 

Third Stage of Care explained by an expert in Chiropractic Care, Dr. Jerome Dixon

Dr. Dixon emphasises on the importance of rehabilitative phase of care to help that patient not just get out of pain but stay out of pain. Often we find that a patient has a job, a career, sporting activity or habits that die hard and they need some kind of preventative care, that is the third phase of care. And that we are trying to stop someone from relapsing, we’re giving them supportive care or preventative care from going back and getting those injuries back again. 

Dr. Jerome Dixon's Leadership

Services offered in collaboration with health practitioners at Melbourne Wellness Group.

Dr. Dixon is the founder of Melbourne Wellness Group, who has a vision to work with his patients to provide customised treatment plan.

Headache and Migraine Treatment at Melbourne Wellness Group

At Melbourne Wellness Group, we look at the patient to find the contributing factors of the head pain. We address those contributing factors at Melbourne Wellness Group or we refer to other Allied Health professionals.

Headaches and Migraines - more than one cause

Most headaches and migraines have more than one cause. When dealing headache and migraine patient its really important to look at the whole patient not just the actual pain. A patient can have more than one cause of the pain. Dr. Jerome Dixon is an expert in head pain.

What's the cause of pain?

Most of the time the pain due to tightness, dysfunction or lack of proper mobility that leads to inflammation or nerve irritation. Dr. Dixon and his associates looks into what is causing that pain: is it misalignment, repetitive strain, lack of muscular support or too much of one activity causing tightness. We address the underlying cause with treatments.

We teach the patient how to avoid re-aggravating the cause of pain

Dr. Jerome Dixon and his associates treats the cause of the problem but beyond that teaches the patient of how to avoid re-aggravating the cause of pain through exercises and show better ways of doing things. 

Flat feet can cause pain

If you have flat feet, that causes the knees to draw inward and that causes the hips to rotate, that can cause back issues, knee issues an foot issues. Dr. Dixon expert in Chiropractic care can help you if you have flat feet and have back pain.

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