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We take a holistic and evidence-based approach to help you achieve health goals.

Chiropractic Care
Relieve Pain and Stress
Our team is experienced and uses gentle care using a range of procedures. Chiropractic is a system of therapy focused on the structure of the body, particularly the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the body’s alignment to relieve pain and improve function and to help the body heal itself. Chiropractic care may also include other treatments, including manual or manipulative therapies, postural and exercise education, and ergonomic education. We with General Practitioners, healthcare practitioners and specialists to treat patients with pain.
Headaches and Migraines
Address the causes of Headache & Migraine Pain
At we bring together the expertise of key professions with specialist skills in Headaches and Migraines, on the one key website. For an assessment and opinion on the best approach for YOU contact -Dr Jerome Dixon
Neck and Spinal
Care Relieve Pain and Stress
Experienced and gentle care using a range of procedures. Your Musculoskeletal health is crucial for proper movement and a healthy nervous system. Your spine supports you and protects your nerves. In addition to spinal manipulation in chiropractic care, we may advise you about changing your biomechanics and posture, suggest other treatments and techniques. Our goal is to help relieve pain and help patients better manage their condition.
Advice Telehealth
Working on laptop in your lap or sitting at desk can cause sore neck and shoulders. We all ignore the correct height of chair, desk, placement of keyboard and the height of monitor. The incorrect positioning in combination of all these elements is responsible for soreness. Our team provides ergonomics advice over Zoom.
Live to the best of you

We work to get you to live balanced lifestyle and get healthy, weight loss plans with diet plans achieving health goals.

Clinical Nutrition

During nutrition consultations, we partner with our clients to help them reach their wellbeing goals and their potential through great food choices, positive lifestyle changes and nutrient supplementation, tailored to specific individual needs. In the initial consultation, we take a comprehensive health and diet history and develop a holistic wellbeing treatment plan for each individual, this could be by increasing or decreasing certain foods, changing lifestyle habits and behaviours or by adding nutrients that will support them to reach their goals, for example; increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones or build immunity and resilience at home and at work.

Personal Trainer
Lacking Motivation? Making Excuse? Feeling Down?

FeelGood coaching is all about YOU and the life YOU want for yourself. It’s about seeing the “complete” person as the combined sum of the individual parts. I help you take charge of your health and fitness, set goals that can be engineered into your hectic life, and regain control while feeling and looking better.We work to get you to live balanced lifestyle and get healthy, weight loss plans with diet plans achieving health goals.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Holistic Health
Chinese Medicine is an ancient medicine. Essentially, it evolved in China years ago. The first recorded documentation was three thousand years ago. It is complete health system, that was so excellent that it was continually passed through dynasties and spread throughout Asia. Now we are fortunate enough for it to support our health here in Melbourne.
Specifically, there are quite a few modalities within Chinese medicine:
Acupuncture: The insertion of fine needles into Acupoints on the body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Chinese Herbs prescribed to restore balance.

Cupping: Suction cups applied to the skin to move stagnant Blood, energy or Qi.